We provide fintech and digital commerce software and services in South East Asia (SEA) that enable our institutional customers to securely authenticate end-user customers and process banking, purchase and payment transactions.

Our proprietary IOUpay platform enables large customer communities to extend their information technology applications to any mobile device and integrate mobile technology throughout their existing business.

Our business divisions consist of Mobile Banking, Digital Payments and Digital Services which service 20 of Malaysia’s leading banks, insurers and telco in Malaysia and other large corporates in Malaysia & Indonesia.

Our Objective

Our goal is to be one of the leading digital transaction processors in the burgeoning cashless economies of South East Asia where almost 200 million people currently have no banking facilities and close to 300 million people are underbanked. Most of these people have regular incomes, pay weekly and monthly bills and depend on their phones for daily internet connection where they purchase and pay for goods and services and transfer funds between family members and friends. This fast growing population is fuelling the rise of the cashless economy, the growth in local merchant services and the downward trend in credit cards and ATMs usage.

We are well positioned to capitalise on the very clear growth opportunities arising from these trends, already standing as one of the largest digital transaction services and payment processors in Malaysia, processing over 20 million customer iterations per month including account enquiries, transfers, bill payments, one-time-passwords (OTPs), payment confirmations and other forms of secure messaging.

We connect banks, telcos, big brands and their e-commerce or in-store merchant networks with their customers online and at the point-of-sale every day.

Our focus is to continue building our merchant networks and transaction volumes to expand into higher value added purchase and payment services for their end-user customers. This includes uniquely packaged and discounted product and service offerings for big customer communities and smart short term revolving Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) installment offerings.